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Father and Son Fishing.

Father and Son Fishing.

Mar 23, 2021

Sometimes when I'm out and about looking for a specific shot, and shot finds me instead. I have a process in which I'm constantly scouting for places from which I may be able to capture a pretty photo. I also follow the weather carefully just in case it yields opportune conditions for me to capture something beautiful from it. I had envisioned a particular photo last night, and whilst I was busy setting up my camera, I looked up and I saw a father and son fishing; against the backdrop of the ocean and the final light of the sunset, it was nothing short of spectacular to witness. It made me think of some special moments with my father when he brought me to Umhlanga on holiday some 30 years ago. Amazing how something that you experience in the present can take you way back in time. This was such a special moment for me to witness and I feel privileged to have captured it. South Africa also has the most incredible coast lines... I hope to explore much more of it... I am Proudly South African.

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