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Jan 11, 2021

Sometimes a change in perspective shows you something which you wouldn't have seen before. 

Life has been very strange and upside down for us over this last year, but personally, my experience through this last year has made me realise what (and who) is important to me. A shift in perspective has altered my perception, and I am grateful for that. 

I went to a relatively new favourite spot of mine in between Farmall and Chartwell this evening to take another shot of the sunset. I never know what the skies and waters will yield, but through the constant change, there is always beauty. Embrace change and enjoy the new beauty that it offers. 

I have a lot of change coming up this year, but with that I will have a lot of new opportunities to bring you beauty from a different part of the country... Watch this space... 

I can not wait for the adventures ahead, and I can not wait to see more beauty in this magnificent country of ours. I love South Africa and her constant beauty. 

I am Proudly South African.

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