Chichi is the name my brother gave a tailless after he started giving stray cats food behind our backs. Not going to lie, I also do it, but he was more open and vocal in talking about animal rights.

It's obvious that Chichi is sick, and we tried our best to gain her trust. We couldn't bring her to the vet as it's expensive, and I'm also disabled with medications. Life with a disability is expensive, too much, that I'm already worrying about my future. I also have nine cats, but the last few days changed my life and showed I'm at the point of no return. It's all or nothing.

Chichi "adopted" me when she gave birth to two cats, Tyra and Wooga, on our rag shelf. As she's an outside cat, she often felt suffocated inside our apartment. But here I am, taking care of her and hoping I can give her and her family a new life as I integrate hers with mine. My nine cats became twelve, and the duties doubled overnight.

I truly don't live only for myself anymore. Here, you will see our lives, the ups, and downs. I finally have another identity: CAT MOM.