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Hello, my fellow travelers 👋! My name is Sang and thank you for being here.


Chubbyfare's focus is to help budget travelers find the best deals for their dream vacation. All of the amazing fares in our Deals section are accessible to you for free! Unlike other travel agencies, I have no intention of charging a monthly/yearly "premium" fee for you to see these cheap fares.

Why? Because I am a budget traveler myself and would hate to pay this fee myself when looking for a deal. 

However, it takes a great deal of time and maintenance to run the site 24/7. Currently, I am running the website at a loss but I continue with the website because sharing great deals with others is just as exciting as redeeming one for myself. 


If you've benefited from my site in any way, I ask you a small favor to buy me a cup of coffee! Favors like this keeps me motivated and helps me continue to share my service at free of cost. Most importantly, it makes me happy and means a great "deal" to me. No pun intended :)

Thanks for the support!