Buy Stephen Campbell a coffee


I actually happen to love coffee, so yeah, there's that. 

I'm Stephen (the goofy-looking dude in the middle).  Hi there!

So in addition to being goofy, I'm also a

  • Christian,
  • Proud husband to my beautiful bride of 12 years, Heather, and
  • Father of 2 of the silliest girls on planet Earth - Savannah Marie (on the left), and Juliette Rose (on the right).

I'm a project manager for the Patent & Trademark Office by day, and I moonlight as a small business consultant and Mr-do-what-I'm-told for my wife's makeup artistry business.  I’ve also started (and stopped) 3 of my own small-time businesses.  

But, I have a really really HUGE problem... (uh, here's where you come in)

I have really big faith, and a ginormous dream to save the Church.  By that, I mean to say 85% of US churches are either plateauing or declining.  

As a matter of fact, the share of Americans who say they never attend religious services has grown from 12%in 1991 to 25% in 2016. As of 2018 more than a third (35 %) of young adults never attend, the highest of any generation.  

Yet most Americans (73%) agree that religious faith is very important in their life.  

That's why I've created Chuna.  The mission of Chuna is to

  • Reintroduce the church.  
  • Create a more interconnected church & invigorate the community by facilitating givebacks, resources, and events that make a difference in the lives of everyday people.
  • Provide better access to the decentralized church with love, purpose, and passion while connecting the right churches to the right people in fun and creative ways.
  • Help people thrive, ultimately.

The word Chuna is a combination of Church + Una.  The word Una is Latin for "one".  Essentially, ONE CHURCH.

All of this was prior to COVID-19.  And now, in the wake of the pandemic, one can only imagine that these stats are only worsening as families and friends need the church now more than ever.

The reality is, the church was already dying.  But now some are truly degrading simply because they don't have the reach outside of their 4 walls to reach people who want to and need to be reached due to the pandemic.  

Help me change this trajectory - help me save the Church, and help those who want to be helped by the Church to actually be reached by the church.  Help me help the church, inclusive of the people it affects, be able to operate as one seamless body.  The body of Christ.  

I'm fronting this on my own, and I really need support to make it work.  I cannot do this alone.  Help me help us.  We're in this together.

God Bless,


"Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ."  
Ephesians 4:12

P.S. So if you've read this far, HUGE thank you!  If you don't have anything to give at the moment, I totally get it.  Just simply do me a solid, be a bro or doll and share Chuna with someone who you think might benefit from utilizing the resource.  There are perks for doing so.  Thank in advance.  Cheers!