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We are living in a moment of entrepreneurial rebellion— entrebellion.

A moment of great shifting and realigning for us as individuals, as communities, and as a collective. A moment where we begin to dismantle and deconstruct the systems and structures that do not serve us and those that harm us, and then set to work actively building new ways of doing, being, creating, and living that serve our collective highest and best good.

If this resonates, I invite you to join us in stepping into this New Paradigm of business, commerce, and community building.

This New Paradigm where collaboration, connection, and equity are the core guiding principles. This New Paradigm where we each can fully embody and express who we are on a Soul-level so that we can fully show up, hold space, create, and connect from that place.

How can we dig into this work?

An important tenet of this New Paradigm is that there are no gurus or experts or anyone who is more advanced or evolved than you are. We are all equal. We are each a Soul in a human body who has incarnated here for the full experience of being alive a this time.

So, you are here to step fully into your own experience of this New Paradigm. If you would like some community connection and support along the way, I have created the EntrebellionHQ that you can join here: 

The EntrebellionHQ is our free, private community space that prioritizes your right to privacy (so it's not hosted on mainstream social media) in an intentional container that supports you in fully stepping into the work your Soul came here to do in this lifetime. 

At its core, the EntrebellionHQ is our community hub for rebellious and intuitive entrepreneurs. Our members are healers, creatives, musicians, therapists, intuitives, coaches, teachers, medicine people, shamans, and visionaries who practice across a multitude of modalities, spanning numerous fields and professions, calling so many beautiful cities, towns, and villages throughout this planet "home." And we would love for you to join us!

If you want more support and guidance as you walk this journey, I also offer intuitive readings, intentional containers to work together one-on-one, and a membership space called The Lab of Sacred Technology. You can learn more about all of my offerings over on my website, here: 

Why Buy Me a Coffee?

Part of my work in this lifetime is as one of many Souls are here sounding out and creating new business models for us to bring into our work. This requires a delicate dance between my own inner Soul Work and the energetic readiness of our Collective to bring these new ways of creating, serving, and thriving into our reality.

So, as I continue this dance and honor the calls to shift, realign, and expand how I hold space and how I share my work with the Collective, I felt called to open up a way that others can support this work and support me on this journey.

I am called to hold the container of the EntrebellionHQ for us at this time, which includes creating content, resources, and tools, along with facilitating gatherings, workshops, and experiences for those who are gathering there. I offer much of this without any monetary exchange. So opening myself to allow others to buy me a coffee or two, I am able to flow those gifts toward helping keep the lights on for our online community and my own life so I can do this work.

If supporting the work and me resonates for you, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for your support, your belief, and your connection! I am so grateful to be walking this path with you in this lifetime!

Your support allows me to create free, accessible content for entrepreneurs! THANK YOU!

Thank you for being here and being a part of my world! :)