Buy Ciara a coffee


Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

So more about me, first of I am a mum to my two girls, I also have one baby girl in the skys too beautiful for earth which led me to setting up Little Heartbeats, and work as a volunteer, so I created a website and mentor families through pprom in pregnancy and spend my life doing this work around my children. I recently spent a lot, buying relaxation face sheets and handcreams for the care packs we send out and I appreciate it if you can help us pay towards this as used my personal account to pay for these also help us be able to give up my time for my girls and enable me to keep up as volunteer appreciate you can support us. (I have a number of courses I like to do but this all cost money, and I like to create some bags to help us succeed, the courses will improve my skills set to providing more for our future families and enable me to afford to keep giving my time to our future families.  Creating our bags will help us switch off and maybe you like them enough to invest in these. Invest in me because I am investing my time to helping others.

This is the song I co-wrote and it be nice to be able to get this heard, please take the time to listen to it

thanks to all who buys us a coffee :) 

Thanks so much