Hello people! 🙋

I'm participating in the contest 2022 Jiaxing Rainbow Vegetable Garden Cartoon Vegetable Characters and my drawing is now available for voting on the website, at this link: https://designverse.com.cn/competition/youngbirdplan/2022-jiaxing-rainbow-vegetable-garden-cartoon-vegetables-characters-design-competition/1455377103846375424?fbclid=IwAR29KRO-AkdSdMYZFr9s7alhI2I7zdGgTErNCtCQy1YZOmROOb1848DbVFI


My character is Design YBRainbow140365 And this is the drawing you are seeing. ^^

I did it! And voting is until May 3, 2022 at GMT+8!

Please vote for me,

And share this post/link so other people can vote for me too! Please people, help me, I really want to win! To vote you need to register on the site in the "Personal Center".

If the site does not appear in your language (after the last update it has been working efficiently).

In addition, the EN symbol at the top of the screen on the right makes the site in English. To vote for me, access the link I provided and go straight to the page (that's where my drawing is).

When viewing Miss Molina (or the number 140365, in case there is an error in the appearance of the thumb), click on the word Vote (if you have not yet registered or logged in and the site will open a window for you to do one of two things, so don't be forget to come back to the page so you can vote for me!).

You can also find my character easily by typing the number 140365 in the search (it's the field to type that appears below the competition logo the magnifying glass symbol).

But, if you are on mobile, you will have to download/scroll the page until you reach that point. Tip: As there are many participants, it is better to access the PC for the page to load faster. If you click on my character image, more details will appear (character description) and a place where you can leave a comment for me. ^^

Please people, help me! I really need this birthday present. I'm counting on you. #share

Below I describe more details about the character.

Introducing Miss Molina:

A gourd pumpkin beautifully dressed in a purple lettuce skirt, purple cabbage top (so that part of the gourd's body can be seen beyond what is seen on the head), who wears little gourd pepper shoes and wears a hat made of Brazilian cherry with a slice of star fruit as a garnish and a brim of mint leaves that charmingly protect your eyes from the sun.

She brings with her a bouquet of spondias dulcis flowers, a bag of pea pods and a pendant (necklace) of a grain of rice.

Her hair is made from the leaves of the ornamental plant Trachyandra tortilis.

The character was made beautiful so that people would notice that natural food makes them naturally more beautiful! ^^

Thank you for all your attention, collaboration and help.

You are the best! ☺️

P.S.: More information about here: cutt.ly/Miss-Molina