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The Cigar Vlogger's open letter to the j ...

The Cigar Vlogger's open letter to the judge

Mar 07, 2023


#CigarVlogger #TashaK #BishopLamorWhitehead #EndChildMolestation

The truth was never revealed in court because the mediation between me and the Plaintiff put an end to the case. Everything he tried to hide was accomplished with the mediation. WE BOTH AGREED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT EACH OTHER AND REMOVE VIDEOS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. I complied and so did he initially. However, his employees and supporters didn't honor the mandate of the judge. The Plaintiff didn't compel his staff or associates to honor the instructions in the mediation. They continued to harass me and make videos about me. The harassment was so bad I had to obtain a CIVIL STALKING PROTECTION order against Consciouz TV and Knocc Out Media. My job was contacted. Photos of my home and family members were placed online.

Why was I sued when I didn't accuse the Plaintiff of child molestation? Why weren't the three accusers that came forward not sued? The first accuser was only sued after he did interviews with Tasha K and Bishop Lamor Whitehead. Why wasn't Tasha K or Bishop Whitehead sued? Bishop Whitehead had to sue the Plaintiff for slander and defamation. The $20,000,000 lawsuit is ongoing. Why did he avoid being served by Bishop Whitehead if he was innocent?

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