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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to those who are and aren't familiar with what I do! First and foremost, my name is Drew Holliday and I'm a trans sound artist, sound designer, record producer, visual artist and programmer based in Kent from the United Kingdom. I thought it'd be time to launch a page in which could spark up new possibilities within my music practice and to make new connections with others - that's when YOU come in! By being an active supporter or member on this page, you will be granted access to diversifying material which will entail exclusive clips, unreleased material, early-access releases, sample packs, updates and announcements, graphics and blog posts.

By your very generous contributions, it will help me towards buying more equipment and gear for future content to produce and for me personally too and ultimately have sustainability.

Do you accept concept requests and suggestions?

I will most definitely! A lot of what can make my service better on both ends is if I hear out others on what could be improved upon and what you'd like to see implemented sometime in the near future, all will be considered nonetheless.

I would also like to preface to anybody who decides to support or join membership will not guarantee a constant flow of content and that I don't have much going on in the pipeline for the time being, but hopefully I will try and arrange a rotational schedule in the near future and I can only hope that I don't disappoint anybody who does join or support as your generosity is what I value first and foremost.

I'd also like to add that if you have any remaining or future enquiries, feedback or complaints you like to make, don't hesitate to reach out to me by either contacting my email at [email protected] or messaging me on this page.

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