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Launching to locations other than San Francisco with your support :) 

CIVL App is a map-based platform that allows users to see LIVE hot map data of people gathering at public locations such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and so on. (In development) 

-The app allows users to self-report: (Planned)
1-Sold-out Items
2-Health Hazards
3-Waiting line times
4-Inside view of the store

-Stores can collect data of needed supplies (user voting system), restock,
and send push notifications for people who need them. (Planned)

-Shows a live news feed + the number of infections in each city based on verified sources (WHO, State Government, Federal Government, ETC). (Planned)

-I made this to help people avoid public gatherings and the possibility of contracting the disease. Person-to-person is the #1 reason this disease took over the world, and I need your help to make it happen <33>