August 2020 Update!

Aug 23, 2020

Team Spice has won! Congratulations Team Spice! woooo...We had them for a few days before the end..DARNIT XD... It was a good fight. The first 4 photos in this gallery show the defenses I received of my characters on Art Fight.

Anyway. I will include links here...Now.

For the Love Pill: https://twitter.com/Hing_Nya_C?s=21

For the Vent Art in Japanese: https://twitter.com/honey_bear064?s=21

For Rebelle Referene Base: https://twitter.com/Moonof6c?s=21

Skeleton Hand used a stock photo! 

The ice cream keychain was crocheted by: https://twitter.com/CalicoSunrise?s=21

Black Love Mermaid Piece uses a reference photo as well...but the artist is difficult to find.

Usagi https://twitter.com/BlackUsagiArt?s=21 did Comet as well as 8 other characters in her style. Comet is a flamboyant fierce f2m trans OC that i made.

Nilla Commissions are made by: the awesome https://twitter.com/nanana_nikki?s=21 & dazzling https://twitter.com/nsfwgarbagedump?s=21

Sheli’s art pieces and character design was made by the GRRRREAT https://twitter.com/beautiful24680?s=21

Space Mommy (OuterSuccubusKiller) belongs to the Beautifully wholesome https://twitter.com/KotoHere?s=21

And the rest of the photos were made by me! Thank you for coming to my ted talk. And support these artists as well!

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