Team Spice has won! Congratulations Team Spice! woooo...We had them for a few days before the end..DARNIT XD... It was a good fight. The first 4 photos in this gallery show the defenses I received of my characters on Art Fight.

Anyway. I will include links here...Now.

For the Love Pill:

For the Vent Art in Japanese:

For Rebelle Referene Base:

Skeleton Hand used a stock photo! 

The ice cream keychain was crocheted by:

Black Love Mermaid Piece uses a reference photo as well...but the artist is difficult to find.

Usagi did Comet as well as 8 other characters in her style. Comet is a flamboyant fierce f2m trans OC that i made.

Nilla Commissions are made by: the awesome & dazzling

Sheli’s art pieces and character design was made by the GRRRREAT

Space Mommy (OuterSuccubusKiller) belongs to the Beautifully wholesome

And the rest of the photos were made by me! Thank you for coming to my ted talk. And support these artists as well!