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Hi to my Periscope friends. This is my support page for @clairewad Periscopes. Accepting tips for drinks and help for Leo’s outings etc.

ChrisG bought 3 drinks.

Thank you so much Chris! I got Leo some drink and food goodies. Thanks for your support always 🌸

anne kowalsky
anne kowalsky bought 10 drinks.

Wishing you and Leo good health.   Always enjoy your scopes.   Thanks! ClaireAnne

Woooow Anne thank you enormously for this!! I was stunned to see that. Thank you for watching and did your support always ❤️❤️❤️

Tony paco850
Tony paco850 bought 2 drinks.

You were the first periscoper I followed back in 2016. Luv your scopes. Thank you, Claire. —Tony

Thank you so much Tony for the support 💐❤️

@Karen_ep99 bought 10 drinks.

Wishing you and Leo good health and a little fun after lockdown!  Thanks for continuing to bring us the beauty of France, it’s great fun to watch your scopes. I look forward to returning to France! 

My goodness thank you thank you thank you Karen this is such a huge huge help to us and I’m happy you watch and enjoy ❤️❤️❤️

Wendy Gulock
Wendy Gulock bought 3 drinks.

Happy Thanksgiving from crazy America where nothing makes sense anymore except watching a scope from Paris with the First Lady of Periscope. 😃xoxox💜 💫

Thank you so much Wendy wish I could give you a big hug. Happy Thanksgiving ❤️