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Hi beautiful Living women and men!

My LifeWork is aligned with Gift, gift culture, gift economy - an abundant Flow of creative outpourings, and a non-transactional gift-flow of my work and my reward being returned.

I flourish profoundly on whatever fiat currency spontaneously comes to me, then I put all my body, heart and soul into the art, writings, books, podcasts, courses and connections that I pour out into the world.

You can access my Living In The Gift course on this very subject via the second link below: it's a comprehensive deep-dive into what brings us into synchrony with all things, and how we can release (and be rewarded for) our Gifts.

All my work is given as freely as I can make it, and I'm supported by a number of beautiful living men and women, who gift me generously on multifarious levels and in myriad ways: the result is my stable and nourished existence in the Eternal Now, where I can continue to give my energy and time towards to liberation of all of our creative genius potential!

Thank you for your generosity, much love and blessings to you today, Clare