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Hey 👋

My name is Clare Zivanovic and I'm a Writer, Naturopath and Foodie who creates children's health books.

You've found me here as I'd really love your support with my next children's book project. Specifically, it's support with commissioning the illustrations, as I want to ensure my Illustrator is paid properly.

So what am I creating?

Well, my first book, Superfood Attitude, makes teaching kids about healthy eating fun and easy! It's available now from all good bookstores and is receiving rave reviews from parents and teachers who are stoked to see it encouraging little ones to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You can learn more about it at

My next book is also an empowering health book for kids.

This exciting, new venture is a rhyming picture book that teaches kids (5-8 years) about how simple it can be to eat gluten free. It's not designed to convert anyone to this way of eating; rather, it's meant for kids who are gluten sensitive or have coeliac disease and need to learn about being gluten free for their own wellbeing - in the long term.

Being gluten free for 20 years myself, I intimately understand what it's like to feel left out when everyone is eating 'normal' food. I also know what it's like to have to learn what you safely can and cannot eat to avoid uncomfortable symptoms (there's SO MUCH to learn!). And that's why I want to remove the stress for kids making the gluten-free transition - make it fun and easy instead.

The copy for this book has just been completed and I'm now ready to focus on the illustrations, which are integral for bringing this gluten free children's book to life.

If you feel called to support my creation, I'd appreciate you buying me a herbal tea. You'll be making a difference to kids around the world and I promise to send you a big, gratitude-filled virtual hug to say thanks :)

Thank you for reading this to the end - you're awesome!