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Hello thank you for taking the time to visit our website and this buy us a coffee feature! As a small business right now we really could use all the help we can get. If you are interested and able, any monetary support is greatly appreciated.

Alberto and I (Micaela) have honestly and sincerely committed the last seven or eight years of our lives to building a creative partnership and a community. It's the work we feel we really need to be doing in this world, and with a little help I think we can manage to survive as a business coming out of all this. Here's a little about what we want to create:

The Cleveland Tango School is an organization dedicated to the exploration and explanation of social Tango as a dance and a culture. Through group classes, private lessons, parties and after-parties, we want people to understand that having a creative outlet in this world is a beautiful and deeply healthy thing.

With tango we learn how to move a little easier in this world, have great fun dancing with our friends, and respectfully communicate either verbally or with touch. Here at the Cleveland Tango School we place the highest priorities on expressing and respecting one anothers' boundaries, critical thinking, and reducing unnecessary social stressors!

If this sounds like your kind of vibe then thank you for being awesome in this world, appreciate your time and support, and please drop in to see us sometime

mica & tito

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