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We are a small environmental organization run by Matt & Myrtle, student parents generating awareness about our climate crisis and helping grow a community that acts on it.

Climate Pledge Collective began with a Climate Action Pledge Sheet. Since then, we've helped organize Fridays For Future Youth Climate Strikes and have stood in solidarity with migrants, Indigenous communities, and others most impacted by climate breakdown.

Engaging with people through these actions and through our Climate Picnics has led us to understand the need for broader awareness and outreach. Our day-to-day work is geared toward fulfilling those needs. Visit our youtube channel to check out some of our videos, and visit our website for other projects and outreach work.

What started as a few volunteer hours has grown into full-time work, making supporting ourselves and our kid a challenge. The coffees you buy us allow us to create informative social media posts, videos, and campaigns.

We'd love a coffee break!