Hey there!

This is my first post here at BMC, and I am excited to announce something I am thinking about since quite some time. 

Over the past few weeks I've been working on a prototype of a game I wanted to create since I first started playing computer games.

The idea is "simple" and many other creators have done it before.

A rogue-like adventure multiplayer online role playing game is probably the best description so far. I am highly influenced by the gameplay and design style of Diablo 2. Therefore and caused by other aspects I aim to reach a target group of people which are interested in role playing, equipment grinding or speed running.

Another reason for me to create this game is the fact that I was never able to play "cool" AAA-titles due to the fact of lack of money or the necessary equipment to play these games in any better resolution than "poor" or even "super low". My goal is to be able to create required textures with my equipment, which results in a low minimum requirement for the player.

So far I haven't decided on which platforms the game will launch, but it is supposed to be multi-platform supported

Releases will happen in:

Alpha: Linux only

Beta: Desktop only (Windows/MacOS/Linux)

Release: Desktop only 

Over the next weeks I will add some details and insights.

See you then