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Pixel Art painted from a Photo or Sketch reference


Hi! I am an Italian 2D pixel artist, a 2D artist and a 3D modeler and artist.

I started to draw on paper since I was a boy, then in the year 2000 I discovered 3D softwares and since then, in 19 years I've developed a true  talent for 3D art, especially 3D modeling. Then in 2019 I discovered a renewed interest for 2D computer art, and especially for pixel art. I continue to develop 3D models, but I have a special passion with pixel art: I think that working under self imposed limitations on number of pixels and colours can bring out the best results from an artist. In the feature image there is "Spike-O-Saur!", a fantasy giant monster I have created for some comic strips published by me on Facebook. I have drew this pixel art image with the software Aseprite, from a sketch made with pencil and pastels on paper. My favourite artist activity is to turn pop culture characters, or my sketches and my photos into pixel art works with Aseprite, after a dedicated art process. Others favourite subjects of mine are historical and legendary characters depictions, and cats: yes these noble felines that I love so much.

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