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Hey 👋 My names is Cloud Jar! I'm an Independent artist from Ontario Canada (but I grew up in  the Philippines) and I make alternative rap rock music. I also do everything else from song writing, mixing, mastering, marketing, directing, editing, website etc.. because I enjoy em! and also to save money, learn more about the field, and have more control over my artworks. 

If you've heard and seen some of my works, and thought you'd like to offer support... I would really appreciate if you buy me coffee to keep me going! 
If not.. that's fine. You can also collab with me on a track. Just let me know how I can help and we'll figure it out! Also, I'm planning to go and sell gigs on Fiverr soon in order for me to find more collaborators. So if you see me there, stop by and say hi :) 
Check out my website @ , or just click that button below :) 
Thanks for taking the time to read!