Buy CluelessDev a cafe con leche :9



Thanks a lot for passing by, I created this page so people that wish to support me directly in my game dev journey can do so for the ammount that they want, w/o having to be paying a monthly "subscription".

So, let’s dive into a few points for transparency sake.

Were is the donated money going to?

The money that you donate will go to three main places:


 My parents have a big financial load, so I would really love to help them out.

I’m a [partially] un-employed 20 year old living in his parents house for free; so it’s the least I can do for them.

New equipment

I will save money to upgrade my current setup into one that allows me to produce content faster.


Not only do I want to produce content faster, but also better ones, therefore I want to make an investment in my education as well.

What can you expect from supporting?

As of now, nothing... Sadly. I’m not planning exclusive content for  direct supporters in the near future, hence I’m extremely gratefull if you decide to support me, because I currently cannot offer rewards for it.

All of that said, thanks a lot for reading and passing by, and I hope you are having a great day!