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I'm Mei, a Singaporean who became a Christian in Shanghai in 2003. I have an introverted and thinking personality, and set high expectations for myself. Including when it comes to the bible. However, within the first year of becoming a Christian, I already knew that I was not living a life where the bible is alive. These questions deeply bothered me in the first 15 years of faith.

The Year when the bible came alive

I got a journaling bible in end 2018 and started to make notes on my new bible, select a verse from whatever chapter I was reading on Saturday and memorized it. I also take that same bible verse and journaled my verse-mapping notes.

The changes came in 2019 when the most obscure verse was spot on for what I needed during the week. We are talking about verse that said wash your face (Genesis 43:31) when I needed to calm down after quarreling with my spouse or why stay with sheep (Judges 5: 16) which prompted me to go over to my mom’s and found that my dad had fallen off the bed. By the end of 2020, I was no longer clueless but confident that the bible is a living Word and that God knows.

Friends: Nothing beats the joy of knowing that your Father in heaven knows. And that’s why I poured so much love into CluelessJournal because I don’t want you to go through 15 years without someone sharing this with you.

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This is a labor of 🧡 but it takes so much effort to create all the materials, show up on social media plus maintain a community. It would warm my heart if I know I have your support, thank you.

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