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I am a software developer residing in sunny Southern California. On my spare time I like to code, play PC games, and grab a beer with friends

Welcome to my donation page! If you have really enjoyed FormEmailer, please feel free to donate (but donations are not necessary ). Donations give me motivation to continue to add new features
Mike bought 5 beers.

Thanks for keeping FormEmailer going!

Johnnie bought 5 beers.

Thank you so much for updating this. 

ESC Southern California Volunteer bought 15 beers.

Not only did the software work correctly the first time, the installation documentation was particularly clear and thorough.

MoMo bought 3 beers.

You saved me with updating this application. Thank You!

Keld Riis bought 3 beers.

Thank You for picking up the project. We are addicted to FormEmailer and have used it many years. Hoping the project will emerge as an add-on later on. Cheers from Denmark