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Charlie Coombe

Charlie Coombe

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A literary translator who is more creative when caffeinated. Translate every day. Write my own stuff sometimes.

Welcome to my BMC page.

On top of my day job as a translator, in my own time I am also co-translating a deceased Colombian female author's short stories, and trying to hook a publisher. So any support to help me make this side project a reality would be much appreciated.

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The project I am working on in my own time, with co-translator Isabel Adey, is the translation of the complete works of Colombian author Marvel Moreno. Our translation of the short story 'Self-criticism' can now be read online at Project Plume. We are the first people to translate any of her work into English and make it available online. We hope you'll enjoy reading it and perhaps considering supporting us. We need funding to help us translate more of her work and eventually find a publisher for this incredible author. Any little helps! projectplu.me/portfolio/self-criticism/