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Hey! I'm Blake. I run a lifestyle optimization business called The Wholesome Habit Project. It acts as an umbrella for a multitude of services. I run the Wholesome Habit Podcast, MOMENTUM: The Newsletter, and the Learn2Eat Nutrition Program. And yes, this whole thing is a one man show. I do all of the creating, marketing, coaching, and other back end tasks myself. 

It's my duty to bring people content that can help propel them forward, whether that's through informative/engaging podcast interviews, motivating writing, or nutrition/health coaching. The world needs more of what is true, and our lifestyles aren't really getting what they deserve. People are being taken advantage of or even tossed to the side when they need help. It's the mission of The Wholesome Habit Project to change this and write a new narrative around health. 

With that being said, any donation will go right back into building this business and bringing the best content possible. I also love coffee, it acts as the catalyst for some great creations, so that will also be factored in :)