It's phenomenal that you've even considered buying me a coffee to support the content I created as a volunteer for Coachilly. If you are a coach and you run a profitable practice, others may benefit from your insights!

Would you consider volunteering as well? Once a year? Perhaps more often?

These are the volunteer opportunities:

One-off: Apply to get interviewed on a livestream in the 3c-series (Coaches & Coffee with Coachilly) and share how you got started in coaching, what you've learned, etc.

Quarterly: Are you great in writing or creating video content? Can you share advice from your experience as a successful coach to help other coaches?

Monthly: Are you a great community builder and love igniting discussions on Facebook and/or LinkedIn?

How to join as a volunteer:

If any of the opportunities above are exciting you, follow these steps:

  • Please join the (private) Facebook group

  • Introduce yourself - briefly is fine

  • Share in the group how you'd like to volunteer

Let's go!