Exploring Self-Talk and Emotions of the ...

Exploring Self-Talk and Emotions of the Manager and Supervisor

Sep 25, 2021

In today's podcast episode we will explore self-talk and emotions as a manager or supervisor when everything seems not to be going right in the workday, from employees to yourself, and how to change the chaos to calm.

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Thank you so much forHave you ever felt so underappreciated at work? You try so hard, and it just doesn't seem to go as you planned. Others don't seem to get the big picture no matter how many times you think you communicated it. You feel like everyone doesn't seem to care. So why don't they get it?

It can be chaotic to a Manager or Supervisor; heightened emotions and frustration levels escalate towards others.

I felt this way many times.  Thinking I was communicating clearly and later realizing that was not the case.  How does the communication style change from chaotic to calm?

Here are some possible questions that may be going through your mind during these times of frustration:

Did I communicate what I wanted correctly? I feel I didn't handle my disappointment and frustration very well? How, as a supervisor, do I handle this situation in a calm manner? What happened to people's passion for their work or careers? Have people lost their sense of purpose? Why are so many people just going through the motions towards their jobs? Is there no sense of pride anymore? What happened?

Stop, take a deep breath, and pause.

What positive affirmations can you recite to shift your perspective towards yourself and others to communicate better?

How about reciting these affirmations to get you started and through the day?

I am a good communicator!

I am a confident leader!

When you believe you can make a shift, you usually do!

Being a manager or supervisor, you may have encounter situations throughout your day and get very frustrated. However, I believe most people are not doing what they want to be doing. They may have outgrown the job and may not be pursuing their true calling or career path in life. So they dread getting up every day to a job that brings no satisfaction or purpose in life.  If so, they would love to get up every morning and be excited to go to work every day instead of hitting that snooze button numerous times and dragging themselves out of bed with no purpose or passion.

Getting to know the person you are talking to, their learning style, and personality traits is a good start in connecting and communicating better.

How can you help bring some spark back in the workplace and assist your employees in igniting some passion for their job?

Ask the employee is there a project, task, or something they would like to learn within your department.  Could you give, teach or mentor them on a particular project?  Some employees don't want to learn anything new; they want to do their job and go home.  That's okay by asking the employee you know if they do or don't want to learn something new. Talk with them about what aspects they like about their job, and this will give you some ideas for future tasks or assignments to give them in the future. Listen to them talk about their aspirations in life. Help them set attainable work goals. Schedule training classes with them for self-development or new skills they would like to learn. Delegate different job assignments to them. Get their feedback on what they liked and what they didn't like about the work. Give them some variety in their job duties, so they don't become complacent and unhappy.

Self-Reflect - What keeps me motivated and encouraged to get through my workday?

Thank you so much for listening. Until next time!

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