maitake mushroom and brussel sprout chiv ...

maitake mushroom and brussel sprout chive omlette

Aug 24, 2022

serves: 2

cook time: 15 minutes


3 eggs

6 brussel sprouts

1 cup Maitake mushrooms

2 Tbsp chives, finely chopped

1 Tbsp butter

2 tsp avocado oil


1 // gently pull apart Maitake mushrooms into smaller pieces. sauté in a pan w butter, salt + pepper until crispy brown. remove from pan + set aside when done

2 // meanwhile, cut ends off of brussel sprouts + slice thinly. then, in the same pan w a touch of avocado oil, sauté till crispy + slightly browned. season w salt + pepper. also, whisk eggs.

3 // lower heat + return mushrooms to pan, spread out evenly before adding a splash of avocado oil then pouring eggs over. let set a bit before gently rolling omlette up from one end. flip occasionally till cooked through. plate + top w flakey salt, fresh crack of pepper + plenty of chives


scrambled eggs are best cooked low + slow

ENJOY + remember to tag @eatingwellwithkel when you make it!

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