Video Link: Beautiful Mistakes - Watch Video

How often have you looked at a mistake is beautiful. And I know it seems odd, everything that we think of a mistake and how we want to avoid it. But if you learn from that mistake and then you truly embrace that almost to have a mindset that you want to seek out and get better, doesn't it become amazing in of itself?

I like to say that awareness is half the battle, but if we're all walking around never clearly identifying or pushing ourselves to the limit where we grow and get better, then how do we understand when that mistake becomes beautiful?

When that mistake becomes something as a catalyst to where we need to go beautiful mistakes as a leader, are you embracing that mindset with your people to give them the freedom to go out there and fail and to learn and to embrace?

I understand where we want to go, but if they're afraid to fail, then maybe at times they're afraid to try. And so when we changed our mindset and look at mistakes for what they are learning lessons that empower us to get better, to improve they in, in themselves, become beautiful, beautiful mistakes as a leader, are you embracing them?