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I help content creators thrive on YouTube and tap into the power of online video. I'm also YouTube Certified, a speaker, live streamer and a marketer. I love this stuff!!!

I've been on YouTube (my channel) since Sept of 2014 and it has changed pretty much every aspect of my life for the better. Because of the massive impact online video has made in my life, I'm on a mission to help others by sharing the information, tools and resources needed to thrive with video.
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Thank you, Nick, for all your help on YT, your podcast, and NimminVIP.  You're helping me slowly grow my YT channel. Gail

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You have truly helped me start my channel from scratch.  I am a long way from where I want to be, but am a lot closer than I would be without your help. 

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Hello nick, I love your video but I couldn’t find free third part of the obs screen which you put your name on it !  Thanks for your work!

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Nick, Like the charistamatic and postive vibe you spread! Best brains to follow for creating visual authority on Youtube(TuberTools FTW).  Enjoy the shots of whiskeys🥃 sending on your way:)

Thanks Felix! I appreciate it!