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The crisis (COVID-19) we are facing is an opportunity to work on a sustainable resilient model that supports the changes occurring in our town.

 * How can we develop a self-efficient model to exchange resources and services?  

 * How can we map all the initiatives and resources to know who is doing what, who need what, and who want to help?

We are a volunteer group of diverse and passionate people, local and foreigner. We are co-creating to organize this movement in one place: Cocrea Caribe platform.

With Cocrea Caribe one of the goals, it’s to facilitate connections between people and resources. To have an overview in one place of all initiatives and resources that our community has.

We have this strong belief that we can change for better and improve our exchange in our local community. For that, we are focusing on human relationships who have to be the real value today. But to make this reality happen, the first step it’s you.

By supporting us, you help us to make this possible.

With love ❤️
Thomas Blanc
Thomas Blanc bought a cacao.