Sup family,

I hope everyone is keeping safe through the pandemic we facing as the world. Things have been up and down, but I hope when is all done - "this will open our eyes much clearer going forward". Remember that almost everyone alive today to witness this, is new to it and now we live our lives with limits that are triggered by the times we are in. We stay day and night think when will this be over but still take our guard down as to cause paranoia amongst ourselves.

Knowing that starting a new leap of faith is guided by nothing but self-belief, confidence and also being moved by the way things are in your family, and knowing why you started it all in the first place. Many of us have the spark in us and what tends to die it down in are the inner conversations that we have within our consciousness, thus far it seems as if the inner voices have some hold in us, which lead to tasks and plans taking 3times overdue than it was supposed to take.

I want to keep scripting but had to go for now.