Hey everyone - I appreciate all of the support you have given me the past few weeks. It's fueled the fire to address some bugs and create some new features. With the uptick in virtual game nights, I've gotten quite a few requests to fine-tune the game for virtual play. This game started as a fun learning project for me, and I never could have imagined having more than just me and my friends playing it. I've been working day and night to increase server stability and to handle the additional traffic. Without further ado, here are some of the new things to look out for in v2!

  • Updated design - The game design and UX is a continuous work in progress, and any additional changes are welcome!

  • Usernames! When you join a game, you can enter your name and it will appear in a list in the side menu so you can confirm you're in the game with your friends.

  • Spymaster tracking - when you become a Spymaster, there are now visual cues to indicate how many spymasters there are and who they are. No more worrying about cheating on Zoom calls!

  • Game Over Popup - When a team wins or the assassin is guessed, the game will end with a pop-up modal allowing you to create a start a new game. Starting a new game will now reset the spymasters as well.

  • Updated Feedback Links - Google Form links have been added to make submitting bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback more accessible.

  • Server-side stability - I'm sure if you've played enough, you've visited the site when it's down or you've had a game session lost. This is due to server stability and either the server being overloaded or from me restarting it to get it back up and running. I've made some major changes and things should be more stable. If they are not, the new architecture will make it easier to diagnose and scale the site.

Again, I truly appreciate each and every one of you and am glad to have been able to help make your virtual game nights a success! Feel free to request features, report bugs, or leave me a note at the Google Forms link in the sidebar on the site!