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Hey, 👋 Welcome
I am from India and working as an AI Developer contributor and writing blogs on Dev platforms as well as on the personal blog.

Feel Free to check my work on Github, encouraging others too for contributions.

Cybel Is a Discord bot to manage and automate the server.

AudioBook The AudioBook is a pip module to Listen to your favorite pdf 📖. It also can be used offline.
`pip install audiobook`

OpenCV Face Filter API is API for Face Detection and Face Filters like Snapchat. It applies a mask(dog, cat) on the face after detecting a face.

awesomeScripts is a collection of problem-solving scripts in python. Feel free to check out for use and report a bug.

Algorithms And Data Structure Algorithms And DataStructure Implemented In Python & CPP

Random Profile Generator Pip Module To Generate Random Profile( pip install random-profile)

Here is my Personal and Dev blog.

Personal Blog:- Data Science & Machine Learning Blog

Dev Blog:- Dev Blog

HashNode Blog - HashNode Blog
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