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Hi! 👋 If you found my blog posts at useful and wished to show your appreciation, buy me a cup of coffee. ☕️ (Sometimes I have tea or hot chocolate LOL)

Annice Mathew
Annice Mathew bought a coffee. was a real help!! 

Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver bought a coffee.

Thank you for helping me rsync my files that had a space in the path!

Thanks Rick, I will have a coffee on you this week! 🙏 I am glad that the rsync path with spaces post helped you - that was quite irritating when I stumbled on it and I just had to write it down when I got the solution. 😁

Mikey bought a coffee.
Someone bought a coffee.

I am happy to see that my blog helped you all the way away in Poland! I am getting a coffee tomorrow. ☕