Another wonderful day.

I wake up every morning feeling fresh and full of grattitude.

Start my day with a fresh cup of coffee and feeling joyful about a new beginning.

Have a healthy breakfast including eggs and avocados.

Always tidy my bed before breakfast and keep myself organized. Because it is the morning discipline for my mind and my soul.

During summer, coffee followed by iced coffee.

I can say I am a coffee addict as I like to consume plenty of it.

Close to mid day I’d like to attend gym. Honestly gym is a must for my bones and my sleeping schedules.

If you have trouble sleeping, definitely it is time to workout. Tire your body down and you will no longer have sleeping issues.

I personally time my gym time during 12-1pm since I like to live the day fully and attend my things and do some work.

If you cannot, you should schedule it at the end of the day, make sure you eat your dinner or lunch an hour ago. You dont want to workout hungry and eat after thats a big no!

Always do my errands before leaving home so the house is always tidy and organized just like my life I want it to be.

When you keep doing your morning routines, trust me you never get ill because it is your spirit you feed into. Just like manifesting or having a spa time, listening to some relaxed music, enjoying the moment and feeling grattitude.

It really works. Self pleasing activity has no expiration and actually helps healing.

These morning routines I call them milestones for a reason because it is spiritual and rather connected to the universe of health, abundance, happiness.

If you agree with me, take me to a coffee sometime, maybe we have more to talk about it 😊

Let me know what are some of your morning milestones? ☀️