1 cup strong brewed coffee, Chilled Or 2-3 shots of chilled espresso

A splash of cream or a non-dairy creamer of your choice


Maple Syrup if you want to add some sweetness


  1. Fill up a glass with some ice, what you can do is make ice cubes out of coffee, that way it won't water down your iced coffee. But regular ice is fine, just don't use too much.

  2. Pour your maple syrup over the ice.

  3. Pour the coffee over the ice and maple syrup, and mix!

  4. Add in a splash of cream or your favourite alternative, mix again.

  5. Enjoy!

If you're using espresso I recommend using a blonde roast, it has a nicer smooth flavour. But any espresso will work.

For strong brewed coffee I usually use 8 tablespoons of ground coffee for 8 cups of water. (This way it won't taste as watered down when you add ice). Plain, black iced coffee can last up 4 days in the fridge.