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Hi all!

I’ve transitioned to a set fee schedule for skincare help, thank you all so much for all the interest and the wonderful followers who have booked online appointments with me. I have loved being apart of your skincare journeys and am so excited to continue.

You can still buy me a coffee here to support future content or as a tip or thank you but please DM me on Instagram @coffeethenskincare or email me at [email protected] get more information on the skincare help I offer and to schedule it. I accept payment for that via PayPal and have my fee schedule for that on IG.

♥️ Mira 

Crissy A.
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Thank you so much for your help!! 

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Thank you again!

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Love working with you! 

Jennifer Andrews
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I just love all your advice & depth of knowledge Mira! This is such a fantastic thing you're doing..thank you!!

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