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I’ve decided to offer membership for those who want to support me on an ongoing basis. I’ll be sharing treatments here that require more skill, like single needle mesotherapy, as well as sharing products I’ll be reviewing here first.
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Hi all!

In the past my Buy Me a Coffee page has just served as a place to donate and support my content  for those who wish. I haven’t ever really advertised it and yet so many of you have supported me through here, something I’ve been so blown away and appreciative of! It’s allowed me to buy and test more products and purchase important equipment for filming - all things invaluable for my content. 

In the hopes of offering more value for you all, I’m offering memberships now. They’re a $10 a month flat rate fee and I’ll be posting regularly just sharing new research I’m going through, products I’m testing, and more advanced treatments that I don’t feel are user friendly enough for the group. It will be a “behind the scenes” look so no fancy editing, just a look at what I’m working on for those wanting to know.

You also can comment and chat with me on the posts too so I look forward to talking with you all and if you join, please feel free to add your requests for products you want me to review etc. Membership is 100% optional and  the bulk of my contest will always be free.