Hey all,

So I’m working on the list of DIY supplies as well as an overview breaking down what Ace Cosm offers - as requested.

However, I’ve been chatting with AC and wanted to do a little update in the meantime as you may want to wait to order.

Something that’s always driven me a little crazy is that while AC is much more affordable, I’m often stuck placing an order at Viana Care as well. Despite the higher cost, they have a better selection. Like you all, I’m paying for my orders and want to minimize costs when possible.

So long story short, I’ve been chatting with them and so far they’ve already gone ahead and added the 4mm meso tips and empty syringes to their site. They’re also talking to the manufacturer of the Crystal Multi Needles and should be offering those soon. So in the very near future, we can get everything in one place.

I’ve been really impressed at how helpful they are so let me know in the comments too if there’s something you normally buy elsewhere and would like them to try and source.