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I have been a coin collector since 1962 when I worked for Coca-Cola in the office and had to check-in the Drivers that had to empty the Coke machines on their routes and count their HUGE bags of coins and of course found Buffalo Nickels and Mercury Dimes by the droves - YES, that was when I became a "Coin Collector". And because I was only making a salary of $75 a week, I did not save any nickel or dime I found in the Drivers bags that weren't worth at least $1 retail in the "Red Book" - AND I ended up many weeks finding more in "profit" than my weekly salary. My question however is that I have never found or been happy with any websites like eBay, Amazon and others for buying coins online because it seemed that I was always spending a lot of time searching for coins using the "search function" and typing what I was looking for with very few "hot links" to make it easy for us coin collectors. So, I just recently developed a website in the last 14 days (with that in mind) and the "Latest News" for coin collectors, that currently is fully functional but the numerous "hot links" are not in any specific order right now - So I would appreciate your comments in how I could make it even better for us "coin collectors" - THANKS. Here is the website: