New Columbophile store at TeePublic

In my bid to attempt to allow fans of Columbo as many opportunities as possible to show their love for the Lieutenant, I've branched out into FASHIONS and started an online store at TeePublic.At present there are a handful of my own designs (utilising the original font from the 70s' series), with plans to introduce some more adventurous looks in the coming weeks. I've also curated some other rad Columbo designs into the store, as well as a few others from TV shows and films of... more

Sep 08

The top 100 Columbo scenes of the 70s

The past few weeks on the blog have been dedicated to the countdown of the 100 greatest Columbo scenes of the 70s, which were released in 10 instalments over a 6-week period.I had help compiling the list from a range of experts and super-fans, including Dr Who writer/producer Steven Moffat, and Mark Dawidziak, author of the acclaimed The Columbo Phile book.If you missed any of these articles, you can catch them from the links below.Part 1 (#100-91) | Part 2... more

Jul 22

What you might have missed in May

May was another big month on the Columbophile blog, which achieved its highest number of monthly visits ever with 215,000 views! A big thanks to all who have taken the time to visit the site in recent weeks, and have contributed to its upkeep. You're all lovely!In case you missed any of them, here are the 5 posts published in May!The five best moments from A Friend in DeedComing soon: the 100 greatest Columbo scenes of the 70sEpisode review of Season 8 finale Grand DeceptionsFive best... more

Jun 06

Two new posts published

It's been a busy week! The first post, from Wednesday, was a book review of Columbo creator William Link's The Columbo Collection - an anthology of 12 short stories featuring the dear Lieutenant.On Sunday, I published a hypothetical debate article about the best ways to handle a Columbo reboot should it ever come to pass. Predictably there have been a lot of comments from readers on this thorny subject!Read my review of The Columbo Collection here.Join the debate on a Columbo reboot... more

Apr 20

New episode review published

I've just published a review of the second episode of Columbo's comeback season: Murder, Smoke & Shadows, featuring Fisher Stevens as murderous movie maestro Alex Brady.Read the review here.

Apr 13

Tribute to Honor Blackman

I was sad to hear that Columbo killer Honor Blackman had died on 6th April, aged 94. Although Dagger of the Mind isn't one of my favourite episodes, Lily Stanhope was a great role for Honor and she gave it her all. She will be missed.You can read my brief tribute to Honor's Columbo contribution here.

Apr 08

New episode review published!
Two new posts published
Tribute to Honor Blackman
New episode review published
Two new posts published