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Let's Save Katie's Life Together

Dec 14, 2021

Meet my daughter Katie, and she has three extremely unpleasant diagnoses: “Neurofibromatosis type 1, advanced decompensated glaucoma and pseudoarthrosis.”

My pregnancy was not easy: Katy’s dad and my husband died when I was 5 months pregnant. I was in the hospital three times with the threat of miscarriage, but together we saved our baby!

As soon as Katie was born, I noticed that her right eye was much larger than the left, her right shin was slightly crooked, and her leg was slightly shorter than the second. When my daughter kicked, it was as if she was taking care of her right leg.

Katie spent 2 weeks in the neonatology department, where her daughter was diagnosed with advanced decompensated glaucoma and operated on. At the moment, Katie has already performed 3 surgical interventions on the eye, but this did not help: the eye stopped opening, and the face was deformed.

As for the leg, numerous trips to orthopedists have yielded nothing. We were sent home and advised not to torture ourselves, the child, or the doctors. We were prescribed an ultrasound scan and X-rays, but they looked at the pelvis, not the lower leg.

As a result, Katy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was sent to buy a splint. It was a misdiagnosis, as Katie broke her leg a couple of days later. There were no falls, bumps or pressure – I just did a stroking massage, and my daughter began to cry.

At the hospital we were diagnosed with “Pseudoarthrosis against the background of neurofibromatosis.” Katy had a fractured tibia on her right shin.

The cost of the operation is 98,000 USD. This is a huge amount of money that we will not be able to collect on our own. I bring up Katie alone.

All this time, Katie has been living with a broken leg, which results in muscle atrophy, circulatory disorders and bone growths. The orthosis that was prescribed to us only protects the leg. The sooner the operation is performed, the higher the likelihood that Katie will be able to walk and her leg will grow healthy and symmetrical!

Dear benefactors, you can give Katie a chance for a fulfilling life, for independent movement and a childhood not filled with suffering.

I really hope that with your help we will be able to raise the required amount!

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