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1st Livestream Q&A with Paul Granger on being an Ambassador for Christ

Mar 28, 2023
In this episode, we had the privilege of having one of our former guests from last year. I am talking about my podcast friend Paul Granger. When asked who he is, Paul likes to say "a child of God and ambassador of Christ which is the topic for the livestream event that we had that day. One of the ways God has invited him to live out the call to "love God and love others" is through the "shepherding gift": providing pastoral support, creating space for conversation and community, and advocating for those that may go unseen. he has spent the last two decades serving with various ministries, and now serves full time alongside YWAM and also being the creator and host of "Where Did You See God" podcast. You will hear Paul explains what it means and how to live as an Ambassador for Christ and what verse can he share regarding this topic. He also talks why we should put all our trust in God even if it seems like what he is asking us seems to be so impossible. He also answered the questions, how did he represent people that have no desire to listen to God, does he find it hard to balance his time with his ministry and his family? To find out the amazing answer Paul gave to this question, you have to personally listen to our conversation. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of our livestream episode. To find out more information about him and also to listen to his podcast, you can go to: Thank you to our Spotify sponsor for their beautiful music which is called, "I'm So Blessed" by Cain. We would love to hear what you think of our interview and let us know if you have any questions or comments by sending us a message in any of our social media links. Thank you for listening and supporting us and always remember to Come to Jesus Daily. Stay bless and until next time. Connect with us through our Social Media Links: Email us at [email protected] Twitter and Instagram: @AnnetteMahal FB: Come to Jesus
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