If you are reading this then I want to thank you first. Next, I would like to talk about a small project I am currently working on, Commenti.

Commenti is a micro-social application based primarily on browser extension. By micro-social I mean it a small app to socialise and share your view on internet with fellow internet surfers.

Inspiration for Commenti came from my everyday routine of browsing internet for hours, getting lost in rabbit holes, exploring blogs or any other interesting website. But sometimes I get this curiosity of knowing other people's view on a blog post (but most of the blogs have no option for comments) or maybe on a wikipedia page. To get different views I have to share the page on different social medias and its cumbersome for people not on social medias.

Then I had this idea to bring the conversations, views and debates on the webpage itself by creating a minimal browser extension which allows people to add comments on any page, and in future scope even interact with each other in real time. Although there are many problems in our way to make it useable, from bot-spam protection to cloud cost, scaling and storage.

So I am requesting you to give me your feedback, concerns or suggestions regarding this idea.


Priyadarshan Singh