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Communicate Influence is the marketing, communications, and writing podcast for life-long learners! I'm Sheelagh Caygill, the host, and a writer and poet in Toronto, Canada.

The Communicate Influence podcast explores the obvious - and less obvious - trends in communications, PR, and marketing.

What's in it for you?

You'll hear great guests and meaningful answers as I dig deeply with interviews. The content always has actionable tips! Here's a testimonial:

"I have just recently listened to How to Become an Influential Communicator and you make an amazing host, you were able to get pretty great information from Fiona and were able to highlight some great key points on being an influential communicator!"

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This podcast is a passion project and takes place in my spare time. It takes a lot of time to produce and grow, so I'd be very grateful for your support to help keep the podcast moving forward. If you're not in a position to donate, please consider sharing the podcast with colleagues. 🙏 

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Sheelagh, you have a unique gift of helping others to become better communicators. Thank you for your valuable insights.   With love, from Ireland. Cleidi

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It's my pleasure to subscribe to Communicate Influence so Sheelagh Caygill can keep bringing us all the latest and greatest in communications, PR and marketing. It's a very busy time for us communications types, and there will be many lessons learned that we can share via channels like Communicate Influence when this situation is over. Keep up the great work, Sheelagh!

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