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I'm Sheelagh Caygill, a podcaster, writer, and poet in Toronto, Canada. I research, host, and produce The Communicate Influence Podcast, a side-project about which I'm passionate.

The Communicate Influence podcast explores the latest in comms, PR, and marketing.

It's different because I dig more deeply than the average interviewer, and so the content is meaningful and always has actionable tips! Here's a testimonial:

"I have just recently listened to your podcast, How to Become an Influential Communicator and you make an amazing host, you were able to get pretty great information from Fiona and were able to highlight some great key points on being an influential communicator!"

I research, host, and produce the weekly podcast in my spare time. It's growing and doing really well. But it takes a lot of time to research and produce. I'd be grateful for any donations to help keep the podcast going. If you can't donate, please consider sharing the podcast with colleagues. 🙏 ❤️

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