Community Service Pop Up Memorial Day Meditation for Chaos and Change

Sat Nam Beautiful

I'm here to invite you to a Community Service Pop Up Memorial Day Meditation for Negotiating the Chaos of Change at 1 PM PST today, Monday May 25.

You can join via YouTube here,

Hit the Subscribe button along with the little bell to the side of it, this way you will be notified when we go live

Or Facebook Live on The Feel Better Community page.

Yes it's been a while, but then again I've been in the chrysalis of change, perhaps you have as well.

So let's get together if it works for you to find a way to let the metamorphosis of change flow through us, so that we can bend and not break when the winds of change blow hard upon us as they are doing right now.

I would love to see you there.

Ok, I must run, this is truly an unplanned pop-up. I am dedicated to the ebb and flow, so here I flow! May you flow too and may we flow together.

Sweet blessings from me to you

Sat Nam


PS if you have bought us a coffee, or two or three, or five, we cannot thank you enough, in all our names we go in the name of change. For those who buy us a coffee, please let us know who you are (unless you want to be anon and that is fine too)...we love you and we know that together we can all go far, and bring many more along with us.