Dear one, of all the gatherings we have together this is a hard one, last week was hard, but this week we are in the wake of the videos no longer being available, and of course more and more information about atrocities in a practice many of us hold as a close Beloved.

The pain is real. The loss is real, The void is real.

So from here we can step forward, we will let our tears carry out our pain in its wash, leaving new ground for new growth to come, wisdom to root itself in present and be the gift we are searching for.

It is time to come home to ourselves, and yet to do that alone and together, so here we are, you and me, and together we are the we we've been waiting for.

I have no agenda other than to have the soundbath, this will be followed by the full moon meditation and then we will open up the discussion.

Even as we hurt, we must be kind. This process is littered with spots where we can see if we act how we think we do when we are faced with challenges we are reluctant participants in!

Call in details can be found in The Feel Better Community Group on FaceBook.

Let our tears water the seeds of truth planted inside.
Love you.