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The initial concept for the Community Power Network was to support the mission of the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) but this has now morphed beyond that to include any type of data sharing between cities, towns, regions or even at the statewide level. While CPCNH aims to foster resilient New Hampshire communities by empowering them to realize their energy goals via community collaboration and by creating economies of scale for clean electricity production and consumption, the Community Power Network takes that a step further and provides a way to extend that same model to other key programs and community level efforts that reach beyond political subdivsions and that require a collective, concentrated effort to solve problems and share resources.

The Community Power Network will create value for collaborating members by developing standardized approaches to data collection, reporting and sharing via this web portal. A consistent approach to providing publicly available background information on projects and programs can help serve to educate and engage our member audience.

This web portal aims to support that mission by providing a way for communities to easily share data and ideas for working together and to standardize the way this information is collected, displayed and used to the benefit of all.

Please join the cohort of New Hampshire cities, towns, counties, regional planning commissions and other regional or district-wide associations as well as individual and corporate collaborators who are advancing the Community Power Network concept a step further by "buying me a coffee" so that we can subscribe and pay for the tools and software needed to realize this vision. You can continue support these goals and objectives by participating in the web portal and  joining our cause via the link below.