As part of the build out of a complete energy profile for every municipality, I've set up a demonstration data set and link to all the alternative fueling station locations provided in the NREL Alternative Fueling Station Locator database for NH and MA.

The data are gathered and verified through a variety of methods. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) obtains information about new stations from trade media, Clean Cities coordinators, the Submit New Station form on the Station Locator website, and through collaborating with infrastructure equipment and fuel providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and industry groups.

I'd like to convince them to publish the data set in a JSON file format so that My Community Power Network can automatically synchronize as the NREL database is updated. Ideally they would also support a two synchronization so that when new Alternative Fueling Stations are added to My Community Power Network, those updates are added to the NREL data set. This would not be hard to do since we have recreated the NREL database in Airtable format and via Airtable we can create and implement a live JSON link to a published data source. We encourage you to explore how and where this data is presented in the web portal in order to contribute your ideas and new station locations. If you have a copy of Airtable you can visit this shared URL to see how we have repurposed the NREL data set as the back-end to our Stacker web portal interface.