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Calima, Streams, Sunset Sessions & No Drive Through...

Jan 16, 2022


There's a weather warning for today and tomorrow, high winds, a calima ( sandstorm ) followed by rain. As I type I can hardly see the other side of the village the sand is that thick. Hopefully a bit of rain will clear the air tomorrow as this kind of weather is THE WORST to sing in, as you can imagine.

Whilst the island has been quiet post Christmas we, surprisingly and thankfully, haven't been. Far from it to be honest. In fact, The Sunset Sessions are building nicely with familiar faces plus newbies enjoying the early starts and the earlier time to hit the hay to enjoy the early mornings. We'll have to search for a new name ( Sunshine Sessions? ) if we carry on though as the sun sets later and later. Alternatively we could start a little later for a month or two? Hmmm, to be honest we're just glad to be back playing, working, enjoying the gigs and obviously earning a few quid.

We're still in murky waters regards the pandemic, there are currently over 6000 cases, although hopefully that number will fall as dramatically as it rose. We're still on Level 3 and my guess is that's unlikely to change for now. There does seem to be an optimistic outlook though overall and judging by the bookings we'll be busy ( very soon ) for the foreseeable. There have been quite a few of you out here last week and many of you came down to see us on multiple occasions. Thank you once again from all of us.

I'll Drive Through next week. To be honest I just ran out of time on the nights due to chatting, saying thank you, catching up and doing Kids Taxi Services. Whilst Rachel's out of the game I'm having to be much more than a pint sized Pop Star, lol;-). Sorry.

Of course we'll continue to stream live as and when we can. All we ask is that you contribute a little as and when you can via the BuyMeACoffee's as it costs us to stream by monthly subscription. If you're not able to then please don't but if you're a lottery winner then fill our boots!!!

Ok, that's it for this week. Thank you once again for your support both in person, online and of course financially. Let's hope we can get over the latest Covid wave and return to Level 1 as soon as possible.

Stay safe, take very good care and we'll see you soon, GxMxEx

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